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Welcome to My World of BDSM, The World of a London Mistress.

A Dominatrix in London with a serious fetish for punishment of all kinds. Both a sexual and non sexual sadist, I can create an intense sexual experience or sadistically torture your mind.. Or a mixture of both.. Let me fill you with wild limb weakening anticipation.. You will be shaking as you near the door where I await on the other side with your punishment already playing in my head.

This Dominatrix in London, Mistress Venus has a particular type of Dominance that will have any submissive going weak at the knees with surrender to the deeper submissive within.. She will bring you to a place of deep submission and exquisite surrender or build you up to intense highs.. Her aim is to know exactly what makes you tick, so as to give you a very personalised tailored experience. You will never know what Mistress Venus is thinking when she looks directly at you, but you can be sure it involves you and the things she can or would like to do to you. Perhaps the most quietly skilled and Dominant mistress you will find in London.

Mistress Venus is naturally dominant, well educated and very capable.. Being a Dominatrix in London was a natural pursuit. Of any mistress in London, she will be the one to take you on your darkest journey yet.

Mistress Venus is highly sensitive to when a client, pleasure toy, has entered sub space. Experience your London Mistress speciality. , Mistress Venus is a Goddess of Tantric style massage but with a Dominatrix twist. Breathe with me.. building up a rhythm that sees me rising and you falling. As you fall dominance will guide and protect you in the darkness of the rabbit hole that is your submission..

After care is as important to me as the hard parts of the scene. I get an amazing amount of pleasure cradling, holding, rocking my sub.. My sub who I’ve just taken on a journey, hurt, weak, zoned out, still in sub space or trying to find your way out.. I’ll be there holding you until your breathing calms.. If you fall asleep I’ll gently wake you by whispering in to your ear that you are mine and mine to do what I please with and how much I enjoyed seeing you struggling, in pain, crying, to hear your complaints, to notice every tiny flinch or shift in your body and energy.

Come in to the world of this London Dominatrix and live out any or all of your otherwise undisclosed desires. You are free to discuss and hopefully indulge in any or all of your fantasies and fetishes or kinks. No matter how wild, loud, quiet, unique or complex your fantasises are.., Mistress Venus can assist you in bringing them to life..for you..and for her own pleasure.

A message to the submissive gentlemen wishing to visit Me.. Mistress Venus.

I am Mistress Venus and my chosen Mistress name speaks for itself. I am Dominant. If you are submissive or if you would like to explore the world of bdsm, then I am here..waiting to guide you on your journey of self discovery and the realisation of just how wonderful, unique, cathartic, special, emotionally healing and energising the world of bdsm can be.. Follow me down the rabbit hole and never look back.. Every word on this website has been written by me, Mistress Venus, including the content where I refer to myself in third person. Every word that you utter to me, by phone email or in person will only ever be known between Me and you. Complete confidentiality guaranteed. I work alone. The privacy of myself and my submissives is important to me. No photos of me on this website is intentional. If you want to feel what it is like to be truly Dominated, then visit me. Just by being in my presence, before I even touch you.. you will understand the true meaning of what being Dominated by a Woman is.. and you will be able to explore in as little or as much depth as you want, the accompanying feelings.

Sessions / Interests

Anal play, Strap on Anal training Dildos, Butt Plugs, Spectrum, Fingers, Fisting and more…. I can be creative… Strap on – Rape role play. Other suggestions also welcome Water Sports / Golden Showers…. One of my favourite things to do.., but my specialty is Corporal Punishment: cane, tawse, strap, whip, paddling and so much more.. Spanking Over The Knee (OTK) Restraint and Verbal Humiliation / Abuse Restraint and Physical Abuse / Torture Humiliation.. The list is endless Sensory Deprivation: Gags, hoods, blindfolds, masks plus a whole host of metal and leather Hand cuffs, spreader bar, rope, chains and lots more.. Psychological Torture.. Pre determine the scenario of your choice, or I will decide the scenario and subject you to it.. Physical elements will be incorporated to break you down… Fantasy Role Play, Flogging, Any style of interrogation and a physical beating, CP, or torture session.. CBT, Collar and Lead, Orgasm control, Uniforms, Kidnapping, Nipple play/torture, Foot / Boot Worship Foot / Boot Worship (body worship at my discretion) Trampling Wrestling (trained in the art of Brazilian Jujitsu) Human punch bag, Forced Feminization, Cross Dressing, Face slapping / spitting, Tickling / tickle torture, Wax play

Your London Dominatrix

If you want to experience real Domination by a truly Dominant London Dominatrix, then there is no one better than the previously underground and fiercely private, skilled and deviantly sadistic Miss Dominant. If you think you know yourself and the workings of your fantasies, upon a meeting with Miss Dominant of London, you may find that just by being in her presence, feeling how her body warms up the leather she is wearing as she presses her body in to yours and as she inhales you and your submissive desires deeply, you will be aware of how deeply you desire and need to submit to this particular London Dominatrix, in ways that you haven’t been pushed or enabled to before. Miss Dominant, a truly unique London Dominatrix will closely guide and devise the path of your deepest submission yet. You can trust that this London Dominatrix is absolutely interested in your submission and submitting you further, because your submission is nutrition to her need to Dominate. Miss Dominant will be your London Dominatrix..and she will work hard to create exactly what you need to reach that place inside you that you know exists and is the real you. Wether you visit a London Dominatrix to relieve tension, explore your masochistic fantasies, enter sub space, indulge in your kinky side, get your fill of a particular fetish or a collection of fetishes, or embark on your greatest submissive journey so far.. Then Mistress Venus is the London Dominatrix for you.

Ring 077010 24755 to serve Mistress Venus